…we could fly?

Imagine if we had the ability to fly. Fly – meaning transport ourselves through air in a controlled fashion.

I’m sure everyone, at one point or another, wished they could simply fly away from a situation.

Whether it be with the help of some mechanical apparatus, evolution or magical broomsticks, the capability of flying, first and foremost, signifies freedom.


Angel, X-Men

Harry Potter

What would this mean?

How would this change the life we are currently living?

Everyone – I mean everyone – would be able to fly. There would be no more need for passenger airplanes…. Unless squibs existed, in that case they would have to hitch rides on cargo planes.

The absence of passenger planes would mean lesser jobs related to that field: engineering jobs, manufacturing jobs, suppliers, etc. But of course, they would be a flurry of jobs created for the flying market. You know, things like air traffic police to make sure people aren’t colliding with each other. Civil engineers would be needed to create proper pathways for us to follow while we’re flying.

And of course where would the flying world be without some federal regulation. Let’s be realistic here, the government would make all the rules it needed to make us [them] feel comfortable about flying in the sky with other lunatics respected civilians.

While we’re running along the lines of reality, I’m sure if we had to fly long distances we would need some kind of support like magical broomsticks or…flying cars. (There we go – solved the issue of jobs – GM can start creating flying cars now.)

Earlier I had mentioned how flying is the epitome of freedom…. However, if everyone is able to do it, then would it really be freeing? Along with applying rules, the government might even find some way tax us based on how much we fly.

So are we better off without it? I’m sure everyone wishes they were the only ones with such an ability. We didn’t want to share as kids, and we still don’t want to do it. We want to be placed in that gifted class. We want to be better than others. We want that ability for ourselves or maybe a select group of people.

But that would just lead us to having either a person with a god complex (i.e., Superman), or someone who would pretend they didn’t have such an ability (i.e., Nathan Petrelli).

Nathan Petrelli, Heroes

On one side, we have Superman who utilizes his multitude of abilities for the better of mankind. On the other other hand, we have Nathan Petrelli whose lack of acceptance of his ability shows his fear of being thought of as a freak.  And rightly so. If you were the only one with an exceptional yet abnormal ability, I’m sure you would be apprehensive of being feared and/or exploited.

I ask again…are we better off? What would you be willing to give up for price of freedom, the ability to fly?